How to migrate as a developer from php to Python

This is my experience migrating from php to python. I was ask by my manager if i would like to take some task in python for a new application. First think i had to do i researched few python frameworks and i choosed to learn Flask . So before i started i had the chance to have few days off so i took online courses ( udemy ar fine but not to focused on migration from one language to other), tutorials on youtube to learn how much i could… and i focused on Flask as a framework because is very simple.

The chance was i was forced to deliver from the first week using Flask , Sqlachemy, Swagger and python rest api to integrate with a frontend react app. At the begining i copied code from other developers in chunks and tried to understand line by line and add my own lines… the code was easy at the begining not to many generators, comprehensions or complicated stuff not available in php.

So if you want some advises from me how to start be a python developer from other languages this are :

  • start a new application or migrate and existing code base to python
  • don’t choose django at the beginning choose Flask or pure Python
  • do some online tutorials/courses at the beginning so you know the basics

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