What did you dislike about your last job?

I have really enjoyed my current job and I’ve learnt a lot and grown as a person. However, I disliked that there was no opportunity for growth in term of technologies and I know that I’m ready to take the next step with my career.

How do you respond to criticism?

I like fair criticism is a way to do compare with my personal review to see if there things missing or ideas and mistakes I have to correct in future

What are you most proud of in your working life?

Personal I think is 20 years of family and my relationship in this difficult times where divorces are 1 in 2 .

How do you respond to stress and pressure?
I had this last job when the deadline was impossible and I have to work 200% I know was a short term so I do my best to resolve the situation in 2 days doing also some nigh hours till the situation was resolved. I was in control of the situation I made short pause to calm and reduce andrenaline and with friend help from my team I could speed up coding by letting him doing review and sharing improvements fast so I could run the application that was requested.

What are your top interview questions? leave a comment how you responded?

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