Ubuntu is an African philosophy that places emphasis on ‘being human through other people’. It has been succinctly reflected in the phrase I am because of who we all are.

To be human is to affirm one´s humanity by recognizing the humanity of others and, on that basis, establish respectful human relations with them.

In computer science, the Ubuntu get applicable in the open source software that has been widely distributed Linux is the most recognized one. The power and success of this applied is that the community will improve what you share with multiple iterations adding values to it all the time. So on first iteration the individual share to community and second iteration the community share back and that is a loop that will improve all the times the community and the individual. It started with the community raising individual from first days of life and years of resources shared trying to convince to share back and enter into this loop.

This principles of ubuntu philosophy I think should be applied to any parts of our private and public life’s. If all the individuals will understand it and try to apply it, the community will benefit more as well as the individual… Sharing more than you need and taking less than you share from community is generating a growth on long term to both individual and community. But like humans we have our limitations that make this process take longer and the expected exponential growth of your community is decreased affecting all of us so.

How does this sound to you ? You can share your thoughts leaving a comment on how we can promote this in our daily life…

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